Guiaceman, S. L. , is a company which exploits the obtaining a juice and a gel of the brand GuiAloe.
The cultivation of Aloe Vera is located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía in the island of Gran Canaria, in Spain. The nature earth of this geographical area, as another cultivation area, takes advantages of the humidity degree and the sunlight which the plants receive during the whole year.

The cultivation of Aloe Vera plants of the brand GuiAloe doesn’t have any scale system, is a cultivation which is looked after in a traditional way and it doesn’t use fertilizers and chemical products which accelerate plant growth. Besides, the same organic material of Aloe Vera transformation is reutilized as fertilizer.

The cultivation’s surface is 5500 m2 with 20,000 plants, which are ripe plants around 10,000.

Nº de Registro Alimentario RGSEAA 2125737
Nº de Registro Sanitario Coméstico 8279CS

Guiaceman, S.L., considers important to have all the productive process in one area and for this reason the factory is next to the cultivation area. Therefore, is guaranteed that the time passed between the cut of Aloe Vera leaves and their transformation is the shortest one, saving the greater oxidation of the characteristics of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides and so on.

The productive process of Guiaceman, S.L., is based on a less aggressive product transformation, from the leaves cut to the final product (Aloe Vera juice and gel), that is to say, that the transformation is practically handcrafted. The most important stages in the transformation are: the initial stage (crushing aloe gelatine) and the final stage (filtering). The process counts on: storage tanks, hose and transportation pumps, and in this process should be emphasized the complete transformation system, from the leaf to its storage which is carried out into cold temperature (about 10ºC).

The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, from the Spanish Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency has given to Guiaceman, S. L. the health authorization to make cosmetics with the number 8279CS. Under this authorization, the brand GuiAloe sells products such as Aloe Vera juice and gel. Our brand has the support of the Inter Island council, as a product made in Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, and this is confirmed with the logo that appeared in our products.

The Aloe Vera quality and its typical properties are well known. The difference between the cultivation of Aloe Vera in one area or in another is the aloe contents or concentration of some constituents, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides and so on. At the moment, an Aloe Vera sample is analyzed to determine certain parameters which allow us to prove that our plants carry out the typical contents of Aloe Vera and we can safely say that the quality of the product will be equal or best than other cultivations from other areas of Gran Canaria or from other islands of the Canary Islands.